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looking back on TWENTY TEN

so yeah, as this year comes to an ends, what have we learned about pop music?

we’ve learned that the same people complaining about the X Factor winners single being a Miley Cyrus song because it wasn’t credible will complain when this years X Factor winner releases a Biffy Clyro cover, because it was by a band ‘too credible’ to be covered for an X Factor’s winners single.

we’ve learned that ‘da club’ is the place to be.

we’ve learned Oli Murs song writing skills are ‘a bit shit’.

we’ve learned that people will say ‘but Matt Cardle writes his own songs, he must be better than the rest of the contestants’, when 99% of people haven’t heard Matt Cardle’s horrible attempt at writing songs.

we’ve learned Diana Vickers is still fantastic.

we’ve learned a lot in 2010.

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ridiculous colabs, (un)credible music & angry kanye.

- for the second year in a row, many credible bands lend there name to teen vampire drama (NME)

- dizzee rascal wants to collaborate with MARILYN MANSON (NME)

- same difference still releasing semi listenable tunes, also not dead (pop justice)

- kanye west, others angry about things (BBC)

- lady gaga covering depeche mode (digital spy) (amazing)

- lily allen takes longer to retire from music (gaurdian)

- miley wears leather, people freak out (daily star)

that’s it!

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